fiona mills

Your UKIP candidate in Copeland


Your Labour MP cares so much for you that he’s upped and left for a better job rather than working here for you.

The Labour Party are in freefall on leadership, policy and a future outside the EU. They are unelectable.

If you want an MP who believes in your NHS, preserving jobs and careers in the nuclear industry, believes in what you want on Brexit, on immigration and on your future then there really is only one choice for your next MP here and that choice is UKIP.

CONTACT FIONA AND HER COPELAND CAMPAIGN TEAM ON or you can call on 07802 632463.

Our candidate Fiona Mills says:“The main issues in Copeland are health service provision and the nuclear industry.

“UKIP strongly supports both. I have worked in the NHS for 24 years, I am passionate about improving and preserving it and I’m proud to have helped write UKIP’s excellent Health Policy.

“As UKIP Cumbria Chairman I travel all over the county and it is my feeling that people want an MP who will truly represent them. I will do precisely that.”

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall says: I cannot imagine anybody better to represent the people of Copeland, and I believe that in a constituency which firmly backed Brexit, in her they will find somebody on their wavelength and prepared to go the extra yard for their interests.”

If you can help us fight this tough campaign, then please come to our Campaign Office at 31 Main St, Egremont, Cumbria CA22 2DR.


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