For security at home and abroad we must leave the ECHR

Published Aug 29, 2017

Following revelations contained in an unpublished Home Office report on the inability of the UK authorities to extradite convicted terrorists, Jane Collins, the UKIP spokesman for Home Affairs has responded:

"During the latest Brexit negotiations we heard farcical claims that the UK would be safer staying as part of the EU; this report clearly shows we are safer not only outside the European Union, but must remove ourselves from the European Convention on Human Rights.

We must not be signed up to any legislation which limits the ability of the government to put the safety and security of UK citizens first and demonstrably the ECHR makes this country a more dangerous place.

What other countries in the EU seem to forget is the UK is part of five eyes: this is a proper information sharing forum which means we contribute more to European security than they ever do for us. A good example of this is Belgium's failure to inform Spanish authorities about the Barcelona killer.

We have seen with Labour's capitulation on a genuine Brexit and the Tories' weakness on European jurisdiction over our laws that we are at real risk of a bogus Brexit."

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