Former Small Business Minister "misunderstands the fundamentals" of business

Published Aug 31, 2016

FullSizeRender.jpgUKIP Business Spokesman and founder of Harwood Capital, Christopher Mills has slammed the former Business Minister Anna Soubry after she suggested that British business, "could not survive without access to that free movement of labour."

Mills said, "Ms Soubry's comments today show the same complete misunderstanding of the fundamentals of trade and business as her claim during the referendum campaign that all trade would cease after we voted to leave. Wrong then, wrong now.

"Under a sensible controlled points based system, British business can hire those it needs, while allowing greater possibilities to the UK workforce to get a place on the job ladder.

"Ms Soubry during the campaign said that all trade would stop if we left the EU, meanwhile, more honestly Sir Stuart Rose, the Chairman of the Remain campaign and former boss of Marks and Spencer admitted that a key result of Brexit is that low paid and low skilled workers woulkd see their wages rise.

"I know which one has a greater idea about the way in which a controlled migration strategy would work, and it isn’t the bitter former Minister," said Mills.

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