Four new appointments made to UKIP Frontbench




The UKIP reshuffle is now well under way, with four new appointments announced this morning.

North West MEP Paul Nuttall will continue to serve as Deputy Leader whilst also taking on the portfolio for Education, Skills & Training.

Newly-elected MEP Louise Bours will be taking on the role of Health Spokesman.

Yorkshire MEP Mike Hookem, who has served in the RAF and as a reservist for the Commando Engineers, will be UKIP's Defence Spokesman.

And MEP for the West Midlands Jill Seymour will be taking on the role of Transport Spokesman.

These four appointments join yesterday's news that Patrick O'Flynn will be UKIP's Economic Spokesman, with Steven Woolfe taking on the portfolios of Immigration and Financial Affairs.

More appointments will be announced in due course.​

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