France and Germany plan to strip power of taxation away from national governments

Published May 26, 2015

Paul_Nuttall.jpeg"When Germany and France say 'ever closer union,' they mean it," says Paul Nuttall, Deputy Leader of UKIP

Paul Nuttall, Deputy Leader of UKIP, said: "Finally Germany and France have given up the pretence that they will allow member states to continue to control their own taxation. When Germany and France say the EU imperative for "ever closer union" must stand, they mean it -- closer political union, closer economic union, closer fiscal union."

"This of course will come as a shock to the people of Ireland. One reason they rejected the Lisbon Treaty in their 2008 referendum was because they rightly feared the new treaty would mean the EU would eventually demand they ended their low rate of corporation tax, on which so much of their prosperity and employment has depended."

"The EU then gave a formal assurance that the treaty would not affect Ireland's corporation tax, and the Dublin government ran a second referendum to which the Irish, tricked by the EU promise, voted 'Yes'." 

"Now Ireland and all the rest of us see what official EU assurances mean in a referendum. They mean nothing. The only thing that is certain is ever closer union."

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