France and Spain NATO failings show need for increase in UK defence spending "more important than ever"

Published Mar 14, 2017

bill5.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Bill Etheridge MEP has said UK defence spending "is more important than ever" in light of France and Spain failing to meet their NATO targets.

Mr Etheridge said it showed "defence security lay with a good relationship with the USA and not EU countries who have failed with their international commitments."

He also called for a review of the Lancaster House Treaty saying "we should not be tied in military cooperation with a country which is not pulling its weight and has threatened us economically over Brexit."

"European governments failing to meet their spending commitments which aren't just a pie in the sky figure but were calculated to ensure that military spending could keep forces in a well trained, well equipped state, need to shape up," he added.

Mr Etheridge said he felt there needed to be an "accelerator" in UK defence spending "to compensate for the last few years of neglect by Labour and the Tories."

And he also praised the latest executive order by President Trump to find billions of dollars in savings in agencies and non essential departments to fund defence spending.

"In dangerous times it is absolutely right to boost defence spending," he said.

"To look through bloated government departments to find savings rather than pick the taxpayers pockets or damage important frontline services is an eminently sensible approach and is long overdue.

"I only wish our government would do that instead of raising taxes like the Chancellor foolishly did in the latest budget."

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