"Freedom of movement" is not required for access to the (EU) Single Market

Published Jul 01, 2016

william_d.jpgWilliam Dartmouth MEP, the UKIP Trade Spokesman, speaking today said; "The facts are clear, 'freedom of movement' is not currently required to access the Common Regulatory Zone, otherwise known as the Single Market.

"Exports to the EU in 2015 from 35 countries without "freedom of movement" amounted to over £1.3 billion, are the European Council and the European Commission now going to embargo all imports into the EU from all of those countries? None of whom have a free movement requirement?

Exports to the EU in 2015 from 35 countries without "freedom of movement"

Country Exports to the EU, in Goods (€ Billion)
China* 350.424
USA* 248.437
Russia* 135.711
Turkey 61.607
Japan* 59.768
South Korea 42.347
India* 39.448
Brazil* 31.067
Vietnam 29.975
Canada 28.256
Taiwan* 25.512
Malaysia* 22.758
Saudi Arabia* 21.552
Algeria 20.898
Mexico 19.691
Thailand* 19.568
South Africa 19.37
Singapore 18.957
Nigeria* 18.374
Kazakhstan* 16.249
Indonesia* 15.354
Bangladesh* 15.146
Hong Kong* 14.256
Israel 13.264
Ukraine 12.77
Morocco 12.527
Iraq* 12.186
Azerbaijan* 10.71
Australia* 9.566
Tunisia 9.507
United Arab Emirates* 9.379
Chile 8.287
Argentina* 8.173
Angola* 7.988
Serbia 7.902
Total €1,396.984 billion


Memo: GDP of Australia in 2015: €1,395 billion
*Countries with which the EU does not currently have a Free Trade Agreement

Sources: European Commission; Trade Statistics – “Top Trading Partners” and CIA World Factbook    

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