Freedom of Movement: The Big Lie at the Heart of the EU

Published Oct 18, 2017

The EU's free-travel zone still needs the temporary border controls set up by some countries in recent years, ministers from Germany, France and Austria said on Friday, citing the continued terrorist threat.

At an EU interior ministers’ meeting last Friday, Germany’s Thomas de Maiziere said Berlin was still committed to freedom of movement, “but at the moment we cannot do without checks. The reason is the tense security situation in Europe with regards to international terrorism and the still inadequate protection of our external borders,” he told reporters in Luxembourg.

Border checks have become the new reality in Europe over the last two years and the bloc is working on changing its laws to allow for the introduction of such measures more easily and for longer periods.

John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration spokesman said, "The UK is constantly being told, especially during the Brexit negotiations, that freedom of movement is a non negotiable, sacrosanct cornerstone of the EU Project as well as a requirement for membership of the Single Market, or having future access to it on current terms. EU ministers and member States claim that the current restrictions to freedom of movement are temporary. This is a blatant deception. It is the new reality, here to stay because the EU is unable to control its external borders, which were brought crashing down when Germany's Angela Merkel invited anyone claiming to be a refugee to come to Europe. According to UNHCR estimates, over one million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe in 2015, three to four times more than in 2014. Most were male. Another 1.4 million arrived in 2016

"Parts of many European cities, from Malmo to Marseilles look like refugee camps due to member States being forced to take large numbers of migrants in order to clear up Angela Merkel's mess. Unfortunately, some countries e.g. Sweden have taken leave of their senses and unilaterally allowed in very large numbers of migrants as a percentage of their population. The EU has had to bribe Turkey to stop many hundreds thousands more migrants from flooding into Europe. Merkel and the EU's disastrous policies on border control and immigration have seen unprecedented numbers of male migrants coming to Europe who do not share European values, which has resulted in spikes in crimes such as rape and the sexual intimidation of women. Freedom of movement has led to arms and Islamic terrorists easily crossing the EU's so called internal borders to slaughter and maim the indigenous population.

"Only UKIP has a sane and pragmatic immigration policy that wants to see net zero migration achieved over a five year period and a new visa system that will ensure a moratorium on low skilled immigration and only people with the high value skills our country needs permitted in".

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