Freedom of speech is vital for business

Published Mar 05, 2016

Following the news that the boss of the British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth has been suspended for expressing the view that Britain would be better off leaving the EU, Christopher Mills, the UKIP business spokesman said,

"John Longworth may not represent the views of all of his members, however he has a fundamental right, at least for now, to express his views, views which he made clear were his own and not of the BCC.

"Freedom of speech is vital for the good functioning of both society and business and it shocking that the BCC should threaten his livelihood for expressing a point of view that is accepted by millions of ordinary people in this country

"Many members of the BCC are supportive of the UK's membership of the EU as it encourages wages of ordinary workers being kept down as was shared by Lord Rose leader of the 'In' campaign, regardless of the consequences for hard working British families or the long term interests of the British people."

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