Freeing parents and Governors from central dictat: not imposing ideology will improve School standards


Paul_Nuttall.jpegResponding to proposals and claims made by the Conservatives about changes to be made to the Education system. UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall MEP, UKIP education spokesman, said,

“They seem to be forgetting they have been in power for the last five years, and sat back as spectators while our schools fill to bursting point, and more children than ever are sent to schools they didn't choose.

"What Cameron is saying is that those that have led a school into decline will need to come up with a plan to improve it. Surely if they were capable of that, the school wouldn't have fallen into decline in the first place.

"Cameron daren’t mention one of the biggest complaints from parents at the moment, the problem of not being able to get them into the school of their choice because of a lack of places.

"While he allows open door immigration Cameron can do nothing about the lack of choice for parents.

"If parents had a freer choice over which school they sent their child to, standards would soon increase across the board as schools competed, and this would have a direct and positive impact upon social mobility, something that has been in reverse for years.

"He is wrong to suggest that converting a school into an academy will improve standards. Where a ‘sponsored academy’ opens there is evidence it performs well, but where an existing school simply converts into an academy, as he is suggesting it would, there is very scant evidence that it makes any difference at all.

"A better way of driving up standards and improving social mobility would be for this expensively educated Prime Minister to instruct his privately educated Chancellor to allow for the reintroduction of Grammar schools, but he won’t.

"No wonder he talks about mediocrity in education, five years of the Tories has seen mediocrity bloom”.

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