French authorities accept that they can't control their borders

Published Jan 11, 2016

steven_woolfe.jpg“With Calais's jungle camp now becoming a semi-permanent structure to give shelter to 1500 migrants, this is an acceptance by French authorities that they can't control their borders. This camp is a staging post for migrants to try to enter England illegally and has potential security ramifications on the UK.  Only today, a former head of UK counter terrorism police said that the camp is may be providing refuge for jihadists who want to enter the UK. The UK government, as well as French authorities must accept that these migrant camps put extra and unnecessary pressure on the security services in both the UK and France. 

“Although there is a genuine humanitarian issue, with the camp being situated in a swamp, a fine line has to be drawn. By making the camp permanent, it legitimizes inhabitants, the vast majority of whom have broken the law and crossed Europe illegally. Also, by making the camps permanent, it encourages more migrants in Europe to make the perilous journey to Calais for a higher standard of living.

“Over the next few weeks as winter comes in, the pressure of migrants arriving ‎in the Calais means the French authorities have to make some tough decisions. Already, the mayor of Calais has asked President Hollande to call in the army to help the police cope with security. Realistically the French can respond to the emerging humanitarian crisis by either scraping the Schengen Agreement which is the oxygen of the EU's French-German axis and stop the free rail travel afforded to migrants headed to Calais seeking to enter Britain illegally or offer to settle the migrants in France.

“At the very least we must ask French politicians not to make matters worse. Making camps permanent does exactly this.”

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