Manhunt for terrorist hiding in Calais 'jungle' is a wake-up call to politicians

Published Sep 11, 2015

maxresdefault.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem said the news that French authorities have launched a manhunt for a suspected IS terrorist hiding in the so-called 'jungle' in Calais is “a much needed wake up call to people who are putting the safety of British people at risk” before adding he doubted the terrorist was the first, or would be the last to pass through the French port on the way to the UK.

Speaking in Strasbourg, where only yesterday Commission President Jean Claude Juncker called on all countries to help ‘refugees’ Mr Hookem said it demonstrates that “current knee jerk policy, sparked by one photograph, has made politicians throw caution to the wind and opening the doors of Europe with little to no checks in place.”

"These suspected terrorists are the same people the EU and left wing politicians like Labour and the Greens would have us all welcome into our homes," he said.

“IS themselves warned in March that they would ‘flood’ Europe with fighters posing as migrants and the open border policy is a gift to these terrorists who would destroy our way of life. I am sure IS is only too delighted that the huge numbers leaving the Middle East for Europe not only provide them with ready cash but have also made getting terrorists into countries across Europe easier than ever.

"And instead the EU, US and UK would have us concentrate on attacking President Assad and removing the few remaining borders left.

"I hope this is a wake up call and we can now start acting to stop this huge security threat."

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