Further defence cuts are utter madness in a world aflame with conflict


Mike_Hookem.jpgMike Hookem MEP, UKIP’s Defence Spokesman has branded further cuts to the UK defence budget as, “utter madness in a world aflame with conflict.”

His comments came after Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon suggested that a future Tory Government might well cut military budgets even further.

Mr. Hookem said; “To further reduce the defence budget and troop numbers in the current climate is utter madness, as the world is currently aflame with conflict. In this year alone there have been flashpoints in the Ukraine, Syria and Iraq, not to mention recent terrorist incidents in Pakistan, Australia, Canada and the US. We need armed forces that are well resourced, properly manned and fit for purpose, a situation that would be hard to achieve if further cut were to be made. This could seriously inhibit our ability to defend British interests around the world; could damage our security at home and would put further strain on our already over stretched and under resourced troops.”

"The first duty of Government is defense of the realm, from Fallon's comments today it is clear that the Tories are prepared to renege on that duty."

“In comparison to the Tories, UKIP are committed to a strong UK military that can meet the demands of both current and future threats to British security. Our defence policy when released in the forthcoming manifesto will reflect this. As a nation we must fulfil our commitments to NATO and be ready to respond to any threat to our security in this extremely unstable world. I fear any further cuts will force us closer and closer to the establishment of a European military simply out of necessity to defend ourselves, which is a position UKIP would fight against tooth and nail.”

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