George Osborne's support for EU membership holding back Britain's economic potential


Nigel Farage has condemned Chancellor George Osborne's support for EU membership, accusing the government of holding back Britain's economic potential.

Nigel Farage said: "George Osborne's crude caricature of UKIP as a party against business and Britain's economic interest on the eve of polling day is absurd. It is his government's support for EU membership which is holding back our economic potential.

"Under this government, within the confines of the European Union, we are unable to negotiate our own trade deals. It is that type of Little Europeanism that is making Britain less competitive.

"Does George Osborne not think we're good enough to negotiate on the world stage?

"Instead of being stuck inside an outdated customs union, we should be free outside of the EU to negotiate our own global trade deals with emerging economies like India, Brazil and China. 

"If tiny little Iceland can broker a free trade deal with China - something the EU hasn't yet managed - it demonstrates the extremely exciting economic future Britain could have outside of the EU. Only UKIP would unshackle us from the burden of EU membership."​

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