Gibraltar MEP, William Dartmouth regrets resignation of the Rock’s Governor

Published Jun 01, 2015

gibrdartmouth.pngFollowing the announcement of the resignation of the Governor of Gibraltar William Dartmouth MEP, who represents the Rock in the European Parliament said, “I am very sad to learn of the resignation of Sir James Dutton. I share his obviously deep sense of frustration at discovering that our Foreign Office regarded his job as little more than ceremonial. He is a man who has taken his responsibility to the Rock and its people with the utmost seriousness.

Dartmouth went on, "As Governor he represents Her Majesty the Queen directly and not the British government and his role is to be responsible for external affairs, internal security and defence. It is not a job that can be second guessed by a Foreign office bureaucrat. Nor indeed a Government that seems to be more concerned about pandering to Spain. It is doing this as part of its tactical manoeuvring to obtain European Union reform than it is to standing up for the interests and safety of Gibraltar.

"Sadly I presume that the next Governor will not have the distinguished military background of Sir James and if that is so there is little chance of Gibraltar having an enhanced Royal Navy presence to halt the persistent incursion of Spain into Gibraltar's territorial waters.

"The Military importance of Gibraltar is higher now than it has been in decades, with the growth of Islamist terrorism in the Maghreb and the current migration crisis in the Mediterranean. Now is not the time to downgrade the Rock or its Governor".

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