Government admits it uses the EU to subvert democracy

Published Oct 05, 2015

gerard.jpgIn a chillingly revealing statement, Home Office Minister Karen Bradley has laid bare how the Government uses the European Institutions to undermine National democracy.

Speaking at a fringe meeting at the Conservative conference she boasted, “When I’ve sat down with my counterparts and ministers from European countries and talked about passenger name records it’s quite clear that at a government level in all these countries they also want passenger name records but they cannot get them through their national parliaments,”

“They cannot get something like passenger name records through their national parliaments. So they say to us – can you please help us get it through at the European level? One of our MEPs, Timothy Kirkhope, is pushing passenger name records through the European Parliament as we speak.”

UKIP's Gerard Batten MEP responded. “It’s the transparent contempt for Parliamentary democracy that shines through. Now we have a Government Minister boasting about how Conservative MEPs are pimped out to do other Governments' bidding.”

“It also shows why it is that the establishment elite so loves the European Union. It means that they can ignore the public, and do whatever it is they want.”

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