Government Fails to Deliver 'Ten's of Thousands' Net Immigration

Published Aug 24, 2017

Net Immigration to year ending March 2017 was estimated to be 246,000, down 81,000 from 327,000 in March 2016. Immigration was still nearly 600,000.

After years of uncontrolled mass immigration from the EU a slowdown in migration from the EU and an increase in emigration of EU citizens accounts for a substantial percentage of the change.

John Bickley, UKIP's Immigration Spokesman said: "Whilst any reduction in net immigration figures is to be welcomed the fact remains that a quarter of a million people (a city the size of Hull) came to the UK last year. This, together with the record levels of immigration over the last twenty years has had a massive impact on public services, such as the NHS, school places and GP appointments, never mind the implications for the nature of our society and social cohesion. The UK's population is growing at a decadal rate 400% higher than the '70's - that's unsustainable. 

Since 2012 two Tory Prime Ministers have 'promised' to bring immigration down to the 'tens of thousands' and singularly failed to do so. Their governments are either incompetent or misleading the British public, maybe both?

The days of cheap labour from the EU are over (or should be if the government delivers Brexit). It is time the government ensured our secondary education system is once again world class so that instead of 1.9million Brits studying in higher education, thereby staying out of the jobs market till the age of 21/22 (and incurring £50k+ of debt) many of them can instead enter the jobs marketplace much earlier and start earning good money. Employers and recruitment agencies need to stop by-passing Brits to employ cheap foreign labour and insisting that young people need a degree to do jobs that a good secondary education will suffice for."   

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