Government fails to deport EU criminals : Yet another pledge broken and within only 10 days of their general election victory.

Published May 20, 2015

DianeJames.jpgRevelations that the Government has only managed to deport only 19 of the 3,560 EU prisoners in UK gaols  has been mocked by Diane James, the UKIP Home affairs spokesman.

'It is beyond a joke and clear proof that the new Conservative Government’s word cannot be trusted on its EU prisoner deportment pledge or anything connected with dealings with the EU.

The prime minister owes UK voters an apology. It is their tax money which he is continuing to squander because he cannot or will not meet his own pledges'

Ms James said , “the Government has utterly failed in its promises to remove foreign criminals from our prisons highlights it outright inability to get anything useful out of our relationship with the EU.

 “They have promised to sort out the mess and to clear the thousands of EU criminals in our prisons time and time again, but their achievement has been pitiful'

“The Prime Minister himself promised to intervene personally to ensure that EU criminals were sent home, and yet it is obvious from these figures that he has personally failed. These failures have a very real practical cost. Not only do they add to the overcrowding crisis in Britain’s prison population, but an estimated £125 million a year cost to the exchequer which comes from UK taxes'

Ms James said, “The implications of these failures on any renegotiation in the lead up to the Referendum are enormous. Essentially, the Governments claims cannot be trusted. They may be well meaning, but in the end the other side of the deal will never be honoured".

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