Government has failed on deficit target, Chancellor has pushed all his targets back and created a long grass economic plan

Published Mar 18, 2015

CAYZBFZW8AAAyEC.jpgUKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "This Government has evidently failed in its promise to the British people to eradicate the deficit and whilst it took Labour 13 years to double the debt this Government has done it in 5. Mr Osborne talks about a long-term economic plan, today he pushed all his targets back and created a long grass economic plan."

This Budget confirms the total failure of the Coalition to eliminate the deficit over the course of a Parliament as it said it would says UKIP economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn.

"The Chancellor would also have won himself more respect if he had acknowledged his failure to deliver on his pledge at the start of the parliament to have eliminated the deficit by the end. A £90 billion deficit in the final year of this Parliament represents a massive failure of Government policy."

"George Osborne should know that UKIP MPs will make it their business to ensure that whoever is Chancellor finally delivers on eliminating the deficit."

UKIP economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn also criticised Chancellor George Osborne for producing a Budget that failed to lay out a plan to raise living standards for millions of British working people.

"Yet again we have witnessed the spectacle of a Chancellor entirely ignoring the impact of unlimited immigration on the wages and employment prospects for working people.

"Mr Osborne likes to boast about his long-term economic plan. But it is obvious that he has no plan whatsoever to bring rises in real wages within reach for working families after many years of decline.

"Britain's leading economists, from the Governor of the Bank of England downwards, have acknowledged that the huge volume of migration into unskilled and semi-skilled jobs has compressed the pay of working people.

"But neither Mr Osborne nor shadow chancellor Ed Balls has any plan to bring the supply of labour for working class jobs back into balance with the demand. Until that happens any extra help coming from higher tax allowances and thresholds will be negated by wage stagnation.

"The only way to make progress would be to end EU freedom of movement and implement an Australian-style, points-based migration system that includes a moratorium on immigration for unskilled work.

"But only UKIP is advocating that. The truth is that British working people have been sold down the river by the political establishment and its parties.

"If Mr Osborne really thinks that prosperity is replacing austerity then he clearly needs to get out beyond London a lot more, because most people outside the capital are not feeling this recovery.

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