Government must come clean on their pension age plans

Published Feb 03, 2017

According to predictions by the Office of Budget Responsibility Brits born after 1989 may have to work until they are 74 before being eligible for state pension. Government must urgently give greater clarification as to the extent and speed at which they are seeking to increase pension entitlement age.

Andrew Charalambous, UKIP Work and Pensions Spokesman said, "Changes to the projected pension age mean that society as a whole needs to rethink the way we approach not only work but care , health and savings. It's time government presented the British people with an honest timetable for state pension age increases. In so doing I hope government will bear in mind that there are significant variations in life expectancy across the UK.

"It's unfair that so many people are having to live in an atmosphere of work uncertainty simply because the government is not willing to outline expected changes to state pension age due to their likely ballot box repercussions."

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