Government's latest policy on Motability cars is a cynical attempt to buy votes from disabled people

Published Apr 22, 2017

UKIP disability spokesman Cllr Star Anderton has described the latest policy on Motability cars as "a cynical attempt to buy votes from disabled people.

The government have announced that people can now keep their specially-adapted cars for up to six months if they are denied Personal Independence Payments.

"So many have already lost their motability vehicles and aren't getting them back," said Cllr Anderton, who uses an wheelchair adapted vehicle (VAWs).

"Over 800 people every week have lost their enhanced rate PIP mobility component so punishing people then promising something they will never get is a disgrace," she said.

"Disabled people have been punished left right and centre since 2008: Labour and Conservatives have demonstrated no care or compassion and rather than finding the cheats they are causing serious mental health issues from the worry and pressure of going through the process of claiming benefits."

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