Government's Tax and Waste culture

Published Apr 21, 2017

Paul Nuttall said: "Philip Hammond says he has no ideological desire to raise taxes, but what is crystal clear is he that has no desire whatever to cut wasteful spending.

"For a Chancellor to line up new tax rises on the same day as the prime minister has signaled the foreign aid bonanza will continue is deeply disappointing.

"The Government is still spending huge sums wastefully, whether on the aid budget, its HS2 vanity project and many others.

"The fat cats at the top of the public sector have also seen their salary packages continue to grow while frontline staff have suffered wage freezes.

"The truth is that there is ample scope to cut out waste from public spending while protecting key services and avoiding tax rises for hardworking Britain.

"And if the Chancellor does want to find extra revenue then he should target multinational corporations that do not pay their way rather than ordinary working people."

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