GUTTED: UKIP unveils new poster highlighting fisheries policy

Published Apr 08, 2015

GuttedBBgt.jpgToday in Great Grimsby UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has launched UKIP's fisheries policy to go with a hard hitting poster 'Gutted' that addresses the dire impact of EU fisheries policy on our seaside communities.

UKIP will reclaim our territorial fishing waters, restore our fishing fleet and introduce sustainable fishing practices

UKIP will also withdraw from the Common Fisheries Policy and EU control over our fishing grounds and fish stocks.

We will introduce:

• A 12-mile limit for UK fishermen only, and a 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone under UK control

• Selective fishing gear for accurate species targeting

• Seasonal closure areas to aid spawning and replenish stocks

• Voluntary closure areas and no-trawl zones to protect shellfish grounds

• Fishery protected areas with no energy/aggregate exploitation

• ‘Land what you catch’ self-management with regional control

• Development funding for fleets, harbours and shipbuilding for Fishery Protection


We will put an end to:

• Foreign vessels claiming ‘historic rights’ to fish our inshore waters

• Fishing by vessels over 221kw (300hp) inside the 12-mile limit

• Quotas which cause unnecessary discards – and the new ‘discard ban’ which will distort the market and harm the environment

• The EU’s drift-net ban designed for the Mediterranean

• Electric pulse trawling (banned by China, allowed by the EU) and pair trawling for bass that devastates fisheries

• International factory fishing fleets in UK fishing waters

• £2.5 billion taken out of the UK economy every year

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