Hague must stop hounding of Brexit prize winner says UKIP MEP



UKIP MEP William Dartmouth has reacted furiously to the news that Iain Mansfield, winner of the IEA's Brexit prize for a pathway outside of the EU for Britain, has been silenced by the Foreign Office.

"It is ludicrous that William Hague and the Foreign Office are hounding this man and censoring his voice simply because he put forward a case for Britain to leave the EU.

"Once again we see that William Hague far from being the great eurosceptic is a big disappointment.

"Mr. Mansfield made his very sensible case for how Britain could survive and indeed thrive outside of the EU in a personal capacity and should be left alone. It seems to me that the government are getting increasingly twitchy about the case to leave the EU as it becomes more and more compelling to the British people."

William Dartmouth has himself done a booklet on how Britain could thrive outside of the EU which can be viewed here.

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