Hammer blow for Labour in Hartlepool

Published Oct 08, 2016

john-CLEAR.pngUKIP has won a crucial Council by-election in Hartlepool from Labour. The Headland and Harbour campaign was one that focused on local issues, and local policies. This result leaves Labour with 19 seats on Hartlepool Borough Council and UKIP rising from 5 to 6 seats following a brace of wins this May. 

UKIP Group Leader, Cllr John Tennant said, “Obviously, we’re extremely happy with getting almost 50% of the vote. It is quite a hammer blow for Labour in what was traditionally a strong Labour area. It was a hard fought campaign, thousands of doors were knocked on, leaflets delivered and a strong local campaign with support from across the region.

"I am pleased to add Tim to our growing group of Councillors in Hartlepool. I’d also like to thank the many activists who helped us over the line. The fight continues and we will do everything we can in Hartlepool to challenge Labour at Civic Centre."

Our newest elected Councillor, Cllr Tim Fleming said, "I am hugely grateful for the efforts of UKIP Hartlepool, their support helped us to win 49.2% of the vote." 

UKIP - 496
Labour - 255
Putting Hartlepool First – 155
Local Conservatives – 41
Patients not profit – 36
Independent – 26

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