Hands off British ports – UKIP’s message to the EU

Published Dec 13, 2016

38qr96Hi.jpegThe latest attempts by the European Union to regulate British ports are a perfect illustration of why the UK voted for Brexit, according to UKIP’s Transport spokesman.

Jill Seymour was speaking in a debate on ‘market access to port services and financial transparency of ports’ where the EU’s Strasbourg chamber is seeking to push through a new directive.

“This proposal for market access to port services and financial transparency does nothing for ports in the United Kingdom,” she said.

“The ports sector in the UK is the second largest in the European Union, and all the ports represented by the UK Major Ports Group and the British Ports Association already operate within a competitive, independent, market-driven sector, providing wide choice to users.

“This regulation will have a significant impact on the privately financed ports by preventing them from operating as fully-commercial businesses.

“This will threaten essential future investment, and put people’s jobs at risk.”

She added: “It is not clear how this legislation will add any value. The United Kingdom is leaving the EU, and regulation like this is typical of the reasons why.

“We do not need this regulation, we do not want this regulation, yet it will become a requirement in the UK, if it is passed by the EU.”

Mrs Seymour has been a vocal opponent of the EU’s bid to regulate British ports since being elected as an MEP.

Earlier this year, she told the chamber: “As the majority of ports in the UK are privately owned, successful and efficient, it is not for the EU to regulate British ports.”

“With the Brexit referendum result, we will free ourselves from the excessive rules, regulations and red tape imposed by this place

“We will then rejoin the rest of the world, and take back our freedom to run and operate our own businesses.

“Britain has a long and proud history trading with the world, and our ports are the doors to our prosperity.”

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