Havering Mayor Crosses the Floor to UKIP



Today the Conservatives have lost overall control of Havering Council with the defection to UKIP of another three sitting councillors.

Mayor Eric Munday has become increasingly frustrated with the direction of the Conservative Party over recent years.

“Cameron has failed to tackle immigration as he promised and has instead pursued a foreign policy that would see us use military intervention in Syria, and one that is squandering taxpayer’s money propping up corrupt regimes around the world”

Also joining UKIP are two other previous Mayors Lynden Thorpe and Peter Gardner. Cllr Thorp who was Mayor during the Queen’ Jubilee year said “I have reached the conclusion that I can continue to work for my residents more effectively with the UKIP Party and their “Common-sense” approach to issues. Really, at the moment UKIP the only Party speaking out on issues that concern the people of this country. So I will work hard and encourage people to vote for “the people’s army”, UKIP.”

Cllr Gardner added “Over recent years I have found that my views have more closely mirrored UKIP’s Policies than those of the Conservative Party. I believe that I will be better able to serve the people who elected me to represent them now that I have joined UKIP”

Cllr Lawrence Webb the leader of the UKIP group on Havering council said “I am delighted to welcome these Councillors in to the UKIP fold; they bring with them a wealth of experience which will be invaluable after the May elections when we expect to win a large number of seats.”

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