Havering to rebel against Khan's demand for 30,000 or more new homes

Published Jul 26, 2017

UKIP Councillors in the London Borough of Havering have forced a vote tonight at 21.30, that will see if there is the stomach for a fight with plans to build an extra 30,000 homes in the Borough. The vote dubbed "Hexit", is to give the people of the Borough the say on how many and where new houses should be built.

Cllr Lawrence Webb, UKIP Group leader in Havering who has forced the vote said, "At a meeting for Havering Councillors a few months ago the chief executive announced plans to build 30,000 homes in the borough (an increase of 33%). The way it was presented was that it is going to happen and there was nothing we as Councillors could do about it. What was lacking from these plans were any details of the infrastructure that would be needed to support this level of development.

"Havering and Barking & Dagenham will build 65,000 homes between then the equivalent of another London borough; we have one hospital that is struggling to cope and another that plans to close its A&E. Nor is there adequate provision for schools or GP surgeries.

"The reason we are being told we need these large numbers is because if we do not set a large enough target then the London Mayor can impose them on us because under our existing relationship with the GLA all London boroughs have to follow the London Plan. The government often talks about devolution but what they neglect to mention that the powers are devolved to supra-municipal authorities and not local councils who have to implement them.

"This motion seeks to renegotiate that relationship so Havering can set realist targets that fit the needs of Havering residents and not was that are to their detriment."

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