Heads must roll over 'child' migrants scandal

Published Jan 02, 2017

pZCIEEd9.jpegUKIP Immigration Spokesman John Bickley said, "The revelation that a large percentage of child migrants are anything but, with many in their late 20's is a disgrace and demonstrates the shambolic nature of the government's child refugee policy. Genuine child refugees have been cheated out a safe haven by government and civil service incompetence.

"Government ministers and senior civil servants are on six figure salaries and multi million pension pots, paid for by hard working taxpayers, yet are so incompetent that a large percentage of child refugees are in fact adults, with many in their late twenties. Did these government 'incompetents' not recognise the danger of putting adult men, many from a culture that treats women as second class citizens, with vulnerable school children & teenagers. Will any minister or civil servant be reprimanded or sacked - don't bet on it!

"The number of people arriving in Britain and claiming to be lone refugee children has almost tripled in recent years, Home Office figures reveal, from 1,125 in 2012 to 3,253 in 2016 and yet we now learn that a significant percentage of them are adults. Can the government guarantee that they are not a threat to children and teenagers in schools and foster homes, or are supporters of ISIL taking advantage of what is clearly a shambolically executed child refugee policy to sneak into the UK to carry out atrocities?"

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