Health Tourism is a real issue for the public

Published Jun 01, 2015

CB1ci0SWYAA58o-.pngUKIP Leader Nigel Farage has today reiterated his position on the problems caused by health tourism to the NHS.

"Though many in the Westminster bubble were outraged by my comments about the impact of Health Tourism, and appalled that I mentioned those with HIV as part of that problem, what was clear was that the general public did not share that outrage.

"Immediately after the debate YouGov carried out a poll that showed that a full 50% of the population agreed with me, with only 34% opposed. I also received very moving messages of support from UK sufferers of HIV who have found it increasingly hard to receive the treatment they need because of pressure on clinics, such as this one from a young Londoner.

“There is obviously some misunderstanding as to UKIP’s position on this. We believe firmly in the NHS. Not the International Health Service. We believe that anybody moving to this country should be in possession of health insurance which covers them for forthcoming health care. If they have that insurance, then they will not have the detrimental impact on NHS budgets and services that mean that at times UK citizens find it difficult to access that which they and their families have built up over the generations. Most countries in the world, such as the US and Australia, have a similar policy and they are not regarded as in any way selfish, merely sensible."

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