Health trusts to spend £15m on private consultants for advice how to save money

Published Jan 31, 2017

download.jpgIt is reported that health trusts are to spend £15 million on private consultants for advice on how to save money. UKIP have previously stated that integrating Health & Social Care teams would help prevent people attending expensive A&E departments. This is not happening due to the appalling Government shortfall in Social Care funding reported to be £3.2 billion. The NHS also needs to prioritise and divert funds into social Care it has been proven to save money and divert people away from acute care.

Cllr David Sprason, UKIP Social Care spokesman said " It is absolutely ridiculous for Health Trusts to waste taxpayers money on yet more consultants. I personally led a Social Care department rated one of the best in the country, I know that if you invest in Social Care & prevention services you reduce the pressure on acute hospital care".

"It is time this government and the NHS got a grip and invested in Social Care interventions that actually deliver effective and efficient solutions. This will ultimately save the NHS much needed resources. UKIP are calling on the government to implement the Andrew Dilnot recommendation for health & social care now not delay it until 2020. It is time for the government to recognise they are overseeing a post code lottery when it comes to the level of services available to the elderly in this country. They are seeing Social Care rationed with more seeing their savings & homes disappear to pay for their Care".

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