Help make history this Saturday. Help elect Douglas Carswell as a UKIP MP


10708033_10203673941182130_778108109_n.jpgWith the campaign in Clacton getting well under way we need your help to make sure we elect our first MP there. On Saturday we will be having an action day and we need as many boots on the ground so we can see off the Tories and the other parties. If we can cover the constituency with activists this weekend it will be a massive step towards winning our first MP.

Polling day is only a few weeks away on 9th October and we need as many people to get out between now and then to ensure we elect our first ever MP to Westminster.

We will be meeting at the Campaign office this Saturday at 9am before going out leafleting and canvassing in the constituency. The address is: 105 Station Road, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 1TW

The office is open every day at 9am, so if you can’t make it this Saturday then try make it another day of the campaign.

If you have any queries about accommodation or travel please contact Lisa Duffy on 01255 225 080 or

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