Henry Bolton calls for Alan Duncan to be fired after his contempt for the 17.4 million

Published Oct 03, 2017

Sir Alan Duncan, the Europe Minister has described the referendum vote as a “tantrum” by “blue collar workers” while talking in the Chicago.

Henry Bolton, the UKIP leader has called for him to resign or be sacked instantly.

“How can a man who is meant to represent the UK in Europe feel that way about the majority of the people in the UK? The old joke about the Foreign Office must be true, it represents foreigners in Britain, rather than the other way round, it is clear that the Minister represents the interests of Europe rather than the interests of the UK.

“The contempt that he shows towards the 17.4 million is a disgrace, but is symptomatic of a political elite who despise the ordinary people of our country and their hopes and aspirations.

“The Prime Minster cannot just sit back and allow this. Her authority and credibility are already in question and the words of her Minister will undermine even further if she fails to act. How can those millions believe her leadership in negotiations, and how can our EU colleagues not laugh at her if she fails to do so?”


The Alan Duncan comments are reported here

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