Higher energy prices are driving industries out of the EU


David Coburn, UKIP MEP for Scotland, has warned: "EU energy prices are driving industries, jobs and investment out of the EU and undermining European economies"

In a debate today on the European Commission's plans for an Energy Union, Coburn said that EU energy policies "have led to gross over-investment in expensive renewables while India and China have robust economic growth and build two coal-fired power stations per week."

He said that "renewables are uneconomic, expensive and intermittent."

EU policy has forced the closure of low-cost coal-fired power stations: "Since 2007 the European aluminium smelting industry has closed 11 smelters out of 24. The steel industries production fell by 20 percent. Seventy petroleum refineries have been shut down in the last seven years with the loss of thousands of jobs. We are destroying our economies. I do not want to see Grangemouth oil refinery in my own prospective Falkirk Constituency close with the huge loss of jobs that would entail for Scotland.

"We do not want to return to the dark ages," said Coburn.

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