Hillsborough verdict underlines the utter lack of leadership both past and present in South Yorkshire Police

Published Apr 27, 2016

Screenshot_14.pngCommenting on criticism of South Yorkshire Police in the wake of the Hillsborough inquest verdict, UKIP’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in South Yorkshire, Gavin Felton said, “This verdict underlines the utter lack of leadership both past and present in South Yorkshire Police and how desperately the force needs a new direction.”
“While one Labour MP has called for SYP to be rebranding or disbanded, I totally disagree.”
“Disbanding the force would be a very expensive exercise that will do nothing to tackle the root causes of the problems nor absolve past failures. Only a new regime, with a new ethos on tackling and learning from past mistakes can make a difference and rebuild public confidence.”

“I also understand that Alec Shelbrooke, the MP for Elmet & Rothwell in West Yorkshire is calling for a merger of all of Yorkshire’s police forces in the Hillsborough verdicts.”
“While I can see this may make some sense from a cost point of view, the various regions of Yorkshire have a greatly diverse set of policing priorities and I fear they could not all be tackled by a centralised Yorkshire police force. The simple fact is that what is a dire priority in one area, may well not be the same in a different part of the region.”
“We must also face the reality that South Yorkshire Police could face significant compensation claims in the near future given the criticism over Hillsborough, the battle of Orgreave and the failure to stop 1,400 children being abused in Rotherham.”
“I can’t imagine that any combined successor organisation would want to be saddled with this sort of financial threat or that the residents in other parts of the region would take kindly to being asked to pay for South Yorkshire Police’s past failures.”
“The fact is, the only way to deal with the situation South Yorkshire Police finds itself in is to put in place a leadership team that is not only determined to tackle SYP’s past, but a leadership team that is going to be open, honest and most of all accountable.”
“That’s why I believe that any person given the responsibility of guiding the greatly troubled force through the next five years, does so on a mandate of being totally honest about the past in order to learn lessons for the future and to help rebuild public confidence in this much criticised institution.”

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