Home Affairs, Control and Brexit - Diane James MEP conference speech

Published Sep 26, 2015

James_3ba8f93ef5c350a6ebb0b02f02a31266.jpgGood afternoon everyone. In both politics and life, how you do something is just as important as what you do. This applies in particular when you are faced with complex problems. You know the kind of problems. The ones that tangle up the lives of real people, you and me, my family and yours. And there are NO problems more likely to tangle up real people than justice and the courts, crime and the police.

The Home Secretary Theresa May thinks that the way to deal with such problems is to be tough. Maybe she fancies herself as the new Iron Lady? But it is just posing. Sorry, Theresa. You don't cut it. You don't cut it because you have failed to understand something simple but important. Being a nasty Tory is not the same thing as being a tough Home Secretary.

We, in UKIP, are a party of everyman. We despise the shenanigans of the political class, and their posing. We despise the Westminster elite who, like the prime minister, say one thing but do another.

We in UKIP see the suffering in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. We see the hundreds drowning, the hundreds of thousands in the boats and on the roads. We see the brutality of what they want to escape. We understand the heartbreak of a man who is unable to care for his family.

But unlike Theresa May, as UKIP Home Affairs spokesman I see all this and want British policy to be more than just nasty. I want it to be tough. I want it to be compassionate. I want it to be understanding.

But when policy looks for solutions, I want it to be REALISTIC too.

Those are the themes of my speech today.

Here we get to one of those complex problems I mentioned at the start. The problem is EU control over our justice and home affairs. Control by the EU means no control by British democracy. That is why there is outrage in this country. The British people do not understand why our courts and our politicians can no longer control our justice and home affairs. The people are left bewildered. When? How? they want to know, did our justice stop being British justice?

UKIP want a justice system which works for the British people. We want our laws to be framed only by people we elect. We want justice administered only by British judges in British courts.

Let me respond by answering some frequently asked simple questions, the questions of real people who simply do not get why the British government cannot do simple things to protect their own people.

Why, for instance, can't we stop foreign criminals entering our country?

The answer is that in the European Union over 500 million people have free movement. Have the right papers and NO policeman, NO immigration officer can turn you away, whatever they know about you. Have a valid Romanian, Bulgarian or Hungarian passport and Dover is NO obstacle. And whilst, we are members of the European Union with its current treaties, that cannot be changed whatever David Cameron may say, whether Theresa May likes it or not.

Once they are here and have committed crimes, why can't we deport them?

Same response. They have rights - rights which will be upheld by courts in foreign countries and which override those of our own courts.

I have always regarded it as ironic that the name of our top court was changed to the Supreme Court shortly after it had stopped being any such thing!

One of the best bits of Orwellian DoubleSpeak I have recently read is what is written on our own - not actually - Supreme Court's website about it and the EU.

Desperately they try to reconcile their name with the fact that they are subject to a higher power in the form of the European Court of Human Rights.

So let me spell it out for those like David Cameron and Theresa May who seem to be confused, do not want to acknowledge fact or who would rather keep you and in the dark.

Our so-called Supreme Court is subject to Strasbourg case law. The means subject to what foreign judges decide at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. So is our own Parliament at Westminster in its law-making.

Want to know why we cannot deport foreign criminals?

Want to know why we have to pay for EU criminals to be in our prisons?

Want to understand how people like the German Chancellor can lecture us on our asylum obligations?

It is because being a member of the European Union and being subject to the European Convention on Human Rights has taken power away from our parliament and our courts. Instead, power is in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

And the process of losing power to the EU has not stopped. Under treaty law, it cannot stop.

The EU is creating a single European Justice System supported by a EU police force.

In the European Commission's document, The EU Justice Agenda for 2020,

Jean Claude Juncker's Eurocrats say they plan an area "without internal frontiers."

Please understand the implications of that... it means that what happens on Hungary's borders or Slovenia's is an open-door to the UK.

That, in turn means it is all done, one way, their way NOT our way.

And this EU justice system has its own police force... Europol.

Their website is an eye-opener. They claim not to be a European FBI. If they were not headed that way, why would they need to deny it?

Their claim hinges on a technicality about powers of arrest. But they do not need them. They simply get the local police to make the arrest, with Europol standing by.

Until in a decade or less, a little-noticed technical change gives them this power.

Now, you can tell a lot about a society from its attitude to officials in general and police in particular.

Are they feared or are they seen as protectors?

I want a society where the police are NOT routinely armed, where you can report a crime and the phone is answered, where ordinary people feel safe in their own homes. Where you can trust the police, prison and judicial system to uphold your rights as they have done for centuries.

The problem with everything that I have described, with what is happening on our borders and to our country is that it is taking us further from this, making us a nastier, less fair place to live.

This is the destruction of the principles of British policing which David Cameron and Theresa May do not understand, will not defend yet will not admit so to the British public.

Clearly David Cameron and Theresa May have taken Jean Monnet (founding father of the EU in 1952) words to heart: ‘Europe’s nations should be led towards a superstate, without their people understanding what is happening’

We are no longer able to say what happens in our own country. We are not able to make our own laws. We are not able to say who comes in and who must go out. years of British government surrender to the EU has created a country in which people are angry and hurt. It is a country in which there is bewilderment that we can no longer decide our own laws for ourselves.

The result is a country which is a nastier place to live, where authority is not trusted, where the police and the state are mistrusted as agents of an alien authority - doing things which are seen as lacking either compassion, common sense or rationale.

All of this comes from our membership of a political and economic union of 28 countries which is turning itself into an undemocratic Super-state

David Cameron, Theresa May, just for once the solution is simple and do-able.

But it will not be the prime minister or home secretary who finds the solution to these problems. Only the British people themselves can do that. The British people must vote to come out of the EU. They must tell the Government to pull out of the EU. There are steps laid down in Treaty law for any country which wants to leave the EU. We must vote to leave in the referendum, then we must demand the Government complete the process to take Britain out of this union and back to national Independence.

We can restore our country. We can be a sovereign nation once again.

We can rebuild a society where our police, our prisons and our judicial systems are no longer subservient to institutions outside of this country.

We can rebuild a country where our people can decide for themselves how things will be.

We can rebuild a country where people can be confident that what they vote for is what they will get. We can ensure that we are a country where you and I and our neighbour want to live.

But only BREXIT will make that happen.

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