Hospital parking charges are a tax on the sick

Published Dec 28, 2016

WkQugaNu.jpegUKIP Health Spokeswoman Suzanne Evans said, "It comes as no surprise that NHS Trusts in England have made some £7 million more on parking charges this year, plus at least another £2 million in fines over the past four years. Hospital parking charges are a stealth tax on the sick and their carers, and UKIP agrees with the Patient Association: they are unfair and should be abolished.

"In this day and age, it wouldn’t be difficult to ensure only those in need accessed free hospital parking to prevent misuse. If every other car park with a barrier in the country can manage it, using a token or other access system, then so can NHS trusts. A one-off visit may not affect one person all that much, but for those who need to make repeated visits, the sums can mount up, especially if you’re kept waiting before you’re seen.

"UKIP pledged £200 million in the 2015 manifesto to abolish hospital parking charges, and we stand by that." 

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