House prices continue to rise: Demand must be addressed

Published Mar 22, 2016

peter_Good.jpgLondon and the South East continue to lead spiking house prices according to the Office of National Statistics. The government simply has no realistic response to the needs of an ever changing market and expanding population. So much so that the British people have little choice now in where they choose to live or bring up a family.

Peter Whittle, UKIP's candidate for London Mayor said, "These new ONS figures just highlight what we have been saying all along, it is increasingly obvious that Londoners cannot afford to get onto the housing ladder and the sheer cost of housing increases the pressure on London services as key workers are driven further and further from the centre of the city. Until we address the issue of demand, demand driven mostly through immigration, then we will never be able to get a handle on the issue of supply and rapidly increasing costs."

UKIP Housing Spokesman, Andrew Charalambous said that only UKIP with our, "innovative brownfield strategy will provide the desperately needed resources to revive so many northern towns and cities, once the manufacturing powerhouse of our nation" Charalambous once again called for a national housing task force stating "housing is a matter that affects us all. Therefore for UKIP housing is a matter of pragmatism not ideology. It's time to bring together all democratic political parties, with financial institutions, house builders, tenant organisations and local authorities alike to ensure we are all moving towards achieving workable targets and solutions. We must stop playing political expediency with the housing market if we are to avert the greatest housing crisis our country has ever known with dire social and economic consequences for us all."
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