Housing crisis for the young, but nobody mentions Migration

Published Dec 22, 2016

RayFinch.jpegResponding to the LGA report on the collapse in home ownership among young people in recent years, Ray Finch MEP, UKIP Housing Spokesman said, "The truth is that successive governments of all stripes have, by a combination of their policies of unlimited migration and the removal of ability of local authorities to build new homes for rent, blighted the future for young people in this country.

"We need to give local authorities the funding to build homes for local residents so that people once again have a stake in our society. Moreover these homes must be fit to raise a family in. Local authorities must be given the right to build on brown field sites decent housing and these houses must be allocated fairly to local people who have been waiting in many cases for more than a decade on their housing waiting lists. Our governments have failed our people for decades and it has resulted not just in overcrowding and unhealthy substandard private accommodation but in a loss of faith in our nation to take care of its own and to give ordinary hardworking and disadvantaged people a chance to make their lives liveable."

Cllr Peter Reeve, the UKIP Local Government spokesman added, "Whilst many important and complex issues have been highlighted that contribute to the shortage in housing which exists in the UK as highlighted by this report. One key area seems to be consistently ignored when discussing this issue. Significant and increasing amounts of housing stock are being taken up by non-UK nationals including significant numbers of EU citizens who continue to come to the UK as part of the mass immigration caused by the free movement of people that our continued membership of the EU allows.

"Any politician who wants to deal with the real issue of housing shortage must no longer ignore the reality that until the UK instigates a genuine Brexit from EU membership that does not allow the freedom of movement from the EU into the UK then there will never be a solution to the housing problem. Only UKIP seems to be willing to discuss the genuine issues that contribute to the housing shortages".

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