HS2: A flawed vanity project, and national disgrace


Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour has slammed the £55 billion HS2 rail project, branding it a ‘flawed EU vanity project’, and ‘a national disgrace’.

Speaking in the European Parliament’s Strasbourg chamber, the West Midlands MEP said: “It has no business case, and it will leave our country riddled with debt.

“It is destroying people’s lives and their communities, ripping up graveyards and ancient woodlands.

“I do not want to see our precious environment ruined by this destructive rail line, a flawed EU vanity project.”

She added: “It will have an enormous impact through a swathe of England, from construction workers and the subsequent blight on hundreds of acres of land.

“There are still unanswered questions on plans and costs, and yet it is still moving forward against public wishes. It will only be supporting a minority, at the expense of the majority.”

Mrs Seymour added: “What passengers want is an affordable, comfortable, reliable and efficient rail network system that delivers from south to north, and east to west.

“We already have a network in place, but it is desperate for improvement, and some additional lines needed in some areas.

“The victims of HS2 who are having their lives destroyed have not been awarded adequate compensation. This is a national disgrace.”

UKIP pledged to scrap the HS2 link when Jill outlined some of the party’s key transport policies at this year’s Doncaster conference.

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