If Theresa May wishes to leave the ECHR she must support Brexit

Published Apr 25, 2016

Diane_James.jpgHome Secretary Theresa May was today advocating the UK leaving the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Responding UKIP Deputy Chairman and Home Affairs Spokesman Diane James MEP said: "Theresa May is pulling out this tattered rag of an argument to comfort disgruntled Tories without checking the facts. The facts are that by EU Treaty law we must be signatories of the European Convention of Human Rights and the UK is bound by its judgements. To say otherwise is misleading people or at best not to be aware of the legal truth.

"The Home Secretary is now drowning in a sea of fact. Yesterday she acknowledged that it is more difficult to control immigration while we are members of the EU. Today, she raises the issue of the ECHR, saying we must leave it, but fails to tell people we can only leave it if we first leave the European Union. There is no escape from EU control of our human rights legislation, or from domination of our law by the ECHR, as long as we remain members of the EU.

"Due to barmy human rights law which derives from the ECHR, the UK government cannot deport convicted rapists and murderers to protect its own citizens. This is a situation which must be corrected as possible. This situation cannot be made right while the UK is a member of the EU, and a signatory of the ECHR. If Theresa May wishes to leave the ECHR she must support Brexit."

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