Incompetent Home Office results in 29,000 asylum cases still unresolved since 2007


Responding to the Public Accounts Committee report that shows 29,000 asylum cases still unresolved from 2007, UKIP’s Migration Spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP commented:

“It is clear from today’s figures that our immigration system is in a complete spin on how to manage asylum cases into the UK. The blame must lie with the Secretary of State responsible, Theresa May."

“The fact that 29,000 asylum cases are still to be resolved, dating back to the previous Labour government, shows clearly that our system is mismanaged, under staffed and under resourced. Most disturbing is the government’s approach to the development of an IT system to support Border and Home office staff. Wasting £100s of millions is not only a national disgrace but a national security concern."

“From a humanitarian standpoint, the sad reality is that the incompetence of the Home Office to be able to manage UK asylum cases has a direct effect on the lives of thousands of refugee families, many whom have faced war, violence and terror."

“With 16,273 new asylum applications in the first three months of 2014, our system is under even more strain. We need a properly resourced and funded border force, a new, professionally deployed IT system and more case workers employed to put things right."

“Enough is enough. The majority of the British public now want a controlled, visa points based system, similar to what Australia has which is enforced by an effective border force that treats all global citizens fairly and equally.”

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