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  • UKIP in the lead in Clacton

    Posted on August 30

    BwUK1p1CAAAp5v3.jpgTomorrow's Mail on Sunday leads on a poll that gives UKIP and Douglas Carswell a 44 point lead over the Tories in Clacton.

    The poll conducted by Survation shows that Douglas Carswell and UKIP on 64% with the Conservatives on 20% and the other Parties trailing behind that.

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  • Police need to rethink the way they record crimes, says Amjad

    Posted on August 29

    UKIP Communities spokesman Amjad Bashir is demanding a sea change in police methods of recording crimes following the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

    "An official report has particularly highlighted the South Yorkshire Constabulary for wrongly describing 23% of rape reports as 'no crime', which just beggars belief," said Mr Bashir, one of UKIP's Yorkshire MEPs.

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  • What a load of hot air! Now Brussels wants a ban on hairdryers

    Posted on August 29

    More EU hot air over less hot air has been condemned by UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall.

    "The lunatics running the asylum are now contemplating banning high wattage household devices such as hair dryers, kettles and smartphones," the Party's deputy leader said.

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  • The Carswell Effect: Tory Councillor switches to UKIP prompted by star defector's decision

    Posted on August 29

    Sevenoaks politics just became more interesting with the announcement that Conservative Councillor Chris Neal, who represents Cowden and Hever on Sevenoaks District Council has joined UKIP.

    Mr Neal said, “On a whole range of issues, both at a local and national level I feel that the Conservatives no longer have the interests of ordinary people at heart. UKIP is, today, the party of hope and aspiration.”


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  • Elephant in the classroom

    Posted on August 29

    paulnuttall.jpgNews reports about the rising primary school population in England fail to mention the 'elephant in the room', said MEP Paul Nuttall.

    "It is accepted that primary schools have increasing numbers of pupils, which causes all manner of problems, but what is frequently not referred to is why we have such a boom in numbers.

    "And the answer is unlimited immigration into this country. It hits some areas harder than others but there cannot be many primary schools in the country which have not been affected at all," said Mr Nuttall, UKIP Education spokesman.

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