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  • UKIP Migration Spokesman hits out at "cynical and vacuous" Cameron

    Posted on July 29

    SteveWoolfe.jpgUKIP's Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe has responded to an article from the Prime Minister today by branding the government's immigration approach as "cynical and vacuous".

    Steven Woolfe said: "Once again we have David Cameron attempting to sound tough on immigration. It is nothing more than a cynical and vacuous attempt to fool the British public.

    "Cameron says nobody can be entitled to something for nothing - yet he still wants migrants to be able to claim benefits for three months having contributed nothing. This is the same government which currently hands out £1.7 million per month to migrant families for free social housing and cannot stop migration from any country inside or joining in the future.

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  • UKIP’s Health Spokesman expresses outrage at NHS payoffs

    Posted on July 29

    LouiseBours.jpgUKIP’s Health spokesman, Louise Bours is “utterly outraged” by the £1.6bn that has been spent on axing bosses from the NHS in the last four years.

    She said: “It makes you wonder if those at the top of the NHS really care about patients at all.

    “As a body funded by the public, those running the NHS should not pay more redundancy than the statutory cap.

    “These gilt edged redundancy payments have cost £108million more than they should have, that’s enough money to hire over 7,500 extra nurses.

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    Posted on July 29

    JimCarver.jpgNewly-elected West Midlands MEP James Carver is set to meet with campaigners fighting against controversial plans to build a mass-burn incinerator in Worcestershire.

    The UKIP MEP is planning to meet with opponents of the incinerator which Worcestershire County Council recently voted to plough ahead with despite a wealth of evidence being presented by action groups showing that clean, less expensive treatments methods are available.

    Mr Carver, who was elected as an MEP in May, said he is deeply concerned by the scheme following questions raised by the council’s own financial advisors over the incinerator’s value for money aspects.

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    Posted on July 25

    UKIP has picked up another seat on Doncaster Council after a stunning by-election win last night with over 40% of the vote.

    Paul Bissettt won the seat, winning it from Labour with the Conservatives trailing in a distant third.

    UKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall said: "This is yet another sign of how UKIP is now the real opposition to Labour in many of their former heartlands. It is UKIP which is talking about the things people care about: controlling our borders, getting out of the EU and putting our own people first.

    "The message is clear to Ed Miliband and the Labour Party: we are taking the fight to you in your backyard.

    "The country will be able to hear much more from UKIP at our biggest ever Conference which will take place at Doncaster Racecourse on September 26th - 27th."

    Full details of UKIP's September Conference are here.

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  • Number of UKIP Spokesmen retain current portfolios

    Posted on July 24

    In addition to the appointments announced today and yesterday, a number of portfolios will be retained by the present spokesman. Those retaining their current positions are:

    Agriculture - Stuart Agnew
    Culture - Peter Whittle
    Energy - Roger Helmer
    Housing - Andrew Charalambous
    Local Government - Peter Reeve
    Trade - William Dartmouth​

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