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  • Something is rotten in our justice system to put criminals above Afghan interpreters

    Posted on May 02

    Mike_Hookem.jpgUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem has blasted the government following the apparent suicide of an Afghan interpreter who worked with the British Army in Helmand saying "something is rotten in our justice system."

    The former soldier, who has been calling for interpreters who are living under a death sentence from Islamic extremists in their home country to have their asylum cases fast tracked, said "how dare we put criminals above people who have shown their loyalty to this country."

    Back in August last year Mr Hookem called for the interpreters who worked in Helmand to be given the same rights as "those already in place for their Iraqi colleagues" after a man called Popal was murdered.

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  • Londoners' quality of life under threat

    Posted on May 02

    rhRpD6XG.jpgResponding to the CPRE report on the current threat to London's historic and loved greenbelt, Peter Whittle, UKIP's London Mayoral candidate said, "Our capital city could be described as a perfect combination of skyscrapers and greenery. Huge sacrifices have been made over generations to preserve London's green belt and green spaces as an essential part of Londoners quality of life. Although it now appears that this Tory government is relentlessly doing everything in its power to permit mass development on our patrimony.

    "If you want to protect London's green belt and green spaces then I am your candidate. I am appalled that of the 275,000 homes that have been already earmarked for building on our green belt 117,000 of them will be in London. No government, no local authority should have the right to deprive Londoners of the fresh air and amenity the green belt provides. I will not sit back and watch London turned into a soulless concrete jungle".

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  • Fight against terror in the UK is not going to be won by giving more powers to the EU

    Posted on May 02


    The European Union should set up a central intelligence agency, inspired by the US Department for Homeland Security, according to a report compiled by the President of the European Commission's in-house think tank. Intelligence agencies should pool their expertise and allow a central EU service to analyse jihadist threats and draw up counter-terrorism plans, the report suggests.

    Responding Mike Hookem, UKIP defence spokesman said the fight against terror in the UK "is not going to be won by giving more powers to the EU."

    "We have heard from both Europol and Frontex, as well as the National Crime Agency here in the UK that it is open borders and the migrant crisis which has increased the terror risk to the whole of the EU including the UK.

    "We know that data exchange between countries is poor but giving away control of security and law enforcement when it is agencies like MI5 and 6 who have been keeping us safe we need to look at bolstering their support not taking it away from them.

    "To have police officers on the street who are not directly under the control of the directly elected British government is frankly frightening.

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  • At 20% the momentum is with UKIP as we enter the last week of the election campaigns

    Posted on April 28

    index.jpgWith elections in all four corners of the UK it is clear that the momentum is with UKIP. A YouGov poll that came out this morning has UKIP up polling 20% nationally, including 31% with working class voters.

    UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said: "With one week to go until the elections on May 5th, I've been busy campaigning and supporting our candidates right across the United Kingdom. With local elections, Police and Crime Commissioner elections, elections to the Northern Ireland, Welsh and London Assemblies and the Scottish Parliament, we are aiming and on course to breakthrough right across the UK.

    "Thanks to all of your hard work, UKIP is now polling at a record high 20% nationally in the latest YouGov poll. This includes 31% of all working class voters backing UKIP.

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  • Union Deal with Government not in best interests of workers

    Posted on April 28

    Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed a deal between the government and the unions which will see the Trade Union Bill watered down in return for union support of the ‘stay’ campaign; saying, “the unions are supposed to be defenders of UK workers, not the ones selling them down the river in return for political favours.”
    Mr Hookem’s comments come after the Daily Telegraph reported that 12 unions were “buying policy” with their support of the stay campaign, in return for “significant” concessions to the Conservative’s flagship policy to overhaul the way the unions fund political parties.
    Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “The whole ethos of the union movement is to protect workers rights, incomes, and futures, but it seems to me like they are more bothered about being allowed to continue to fund the pro-EU Labour party than they are about getting a stronger Britain that would benefit us all.”

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