Is Cameron the new Nick Clegg?

Published Mar 10, 2016

william_d.jpgResponding to the Prime Minister's speech this afternoon UKIP Trade Spokesman and Deputy Chairman William Dartmouth MEP said: “I counted at least five blatant falsehoods. Project fear has become project false.

"The PM mentioned quotas on UK goods exported to the EU on Brexit. This is against WTO rules. The Prime Minister needs to clarify what he means by this this.

"Once again, he rolled out the old Liberal Democrat line of “3 million jobs”, this has been debunked time and time again, is he suggesting therefore that all trade would cease on Brexit? Is David Cameron the new Nick Clegg?".

5 of those falsehoods were,
 1) UK exports proportion going to EU is 40% not 50% and declining

2) US has trade agreements with over 20 countries each one has smaller economy than UK, wrong to say US only enters regional trading blocs

3) EU/Canada trade agreement has taken more than 7 years, precisely because EU has to encompass the interests of 28 member states, much more straight forward to negotiate with one country, Switzerland agreements with China and Japan, EU with neither

4) PM cited India as country with EU about to enter trade agreement, negotiations have stalled for foreseeable future

5) Every country in the world has access to the single market. That's why exports of goods from China to the EU for the last 5 years have been more than one and a half times in value than what the UK has managed.

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