ISIS is using the Mediterranean migrant crisis

Published May 17, 2015

1017739_753280291386243_8538108291027881607_n.jpg"Now that the Libyan Government is saying it, will our Government listen?" says Nigel Farage following the comments by Libyan Government advisor Abdul Basit Haroun today.

During the election campaign Mr Farage highlighted the blindingly obvious situation whereby ISIS and ISIS allied groups in North Africa were using the migration crisis as a method of both fundraising and smuggling their fanatics into Europe under the guise of appearing as innocent migrants or asylum seekers.

"When well funded, well organised groups like IS tell you that they plan to bring their war to you, you would be well advised to listen", said Farage. At the time Mr Farage was vilified for his comments highlighting this threat, as 'scare mongering'.

"In February, Italian intelligence networks told us that they had intercepted ISIS communications threatening to send 500,000 ISIS fighters to Europe. That may well be hyperbole, but whether it is 500,000 or 5,000 these people present a clear threat to lives and liberty in Europe. It is a threat to bring the same callous disregard to our shores as they have wrecked on the people of Syria and Iraq, Christian, Muslim and Yazidis. A report this week from Global Initiative has made it clear that ISIS are earning hundreds of millions of pounds in running these migration routes and the EU's approach is both facilitating the import of terror to our shores, but also filling the coffers of this horrific entity. Britain must do everything in its power to change minds in Brussels. They are sleepwalking toward catastrophe, by trying to appear compassionate"

"Whilst Britain must maintain its record as a refuge for genuine refugees we must remain entirely vigilant against the serious and very real security threat", said Farage.

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