It's No deal - Oh Yes it is, Oh No it isn't

Published Feb 01, 2016

paul_nuttal_2.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall, “Despite entering February the Westminster panto season continues. The theatrics and drama of David Cameron’s sham renegotiation continues and he is playing us for fools.

“On the one hand we have Donald Tusk leaving a set piece dinner saying “No deal” and on the other hand Cameron’s assertion after that same meeting that it had been a good one.

“In 24 hours when, to no doubt great fanfare, Cameron returns with a “Deal” with Brussels it’ll looks like it’ll be nothing more than tinkering round the edges of our relationship with the European Union and will not go any way to dealing with the wholesale loss of sovereignty to the EU, the eye-watering cost of it, or indeed go any way to bring back genuine control of our borders from the EU.

“In short, don’t be fooled, again, by Cameron’s ongoing charade.”

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