It's not just difficult to control our borders within the EU, it's impossible

Published Apr 24, 2016

Nigel.jpgThe free movement of workers within the EU makes it more difficult to curb immigration to the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May has admitted. Responding UKIP Leader Nigel Farage said, "It's not just difficult to control our borders within the EU, it's impossible.

"We have an open door to 500 million people across 27 other countries of the European Union and we see net migration now regularly running at over 300,000 every year, far higher than the Government's target of migration in the tens of thousands.

"With Turkey pushing, and in fact being encouraged by this Government, to become a member of the EU the current levels of immigration could go even higher.

"Theresa May has been the worst Home Secretary ever in terms of immigration, and she has no prospect of fulfilling the promise that she and her colleagues made to the British people that immigration will be reduced to the tens of thousands whilst we remain within the EU.

"If we vote to Remain on June 23rd we can never control our borders but voting to Leave will give us back that control. 

"This is the most crucial issue of the referendum and it is vital that the Leave campaign makes this argument. 

"We will have all the economic debates and they are very important, but what will win or lose this referendum will be the immigration argument, of that I'm absolutely convinced."

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