Former policeman Jack Clarkson is our PCC candidate in South Yorkshire



Vastly experienced former police officer Jack Clarkson will stand as UKIP's candidate in the South Yorkshire PCCelection after the belated resignation of disgraced former Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright.

Speaking outside Rotherham Town Hall, Mr Clarkson said: “This election is all about trust. We all know that Labour’s last Police & Crime Commissioner let the people of South Yorkshire down especially in Rotherham.”

Clarkson isn’t just a former police officer with 30 years’ experience working in Sheffield, Rotherham, Ecclesfield, Deepcar, Hillsborough and Doncaster. He’s also worked in Victim Support for 2 years, run his own security firm and now serves his local community as an elected councillor. That’s why Jack understands local people – he’s not a career politician, but someone who cares about our communities.

UKIP Deputy leader Paul Nuttall MEP who was in Rotherham at the launch said: “Today it is clear that there are no ‘No Go’ areas for UKIP. Nobody trusts the old Labour establishment to ensure fairness and toughness in policing. In a man with Jack’s experience UKIP has both.

“Due to Labour’s failures and political control over the police, there has been a complete breakdown between the police and those they serve. As a former police officer, I know policing can only work with a high level of trust. It pains me that the public Trust and respect have been shattered – that’s why I am so passionate about rebuilding trust in South Yorkshire Police.

"I don’t believe in political correctness, I just want to see honest, transparent and fair policing to bring criminals to justice without political interference or victimising those who are innocent.

"The police officers I talk to are as devastated as I am about what has happened in South Yorkshire. The political establishment, both elected and within the Force Command itself, are the ones who have let you down.”

There are simple actions that would make such a difference. We should make it a requirement to

· Concentrate on community focused policing to make communities safer
· Cut police paperwork and put boots on the ground
· Roll back the tide of political correctness to provide fair policing for all
· Encourage better co-operation between all agencies
· Ensure all taxi drivers have clear CRB checks.
· Ensure support and protection for whistle blowers from any agency
· Support front line staff trying to do their job

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