James Carver condemns moral injustice against Chagossians

Published Jun 29, 2016

5p8f4zNl.jpgUKIP Commonwealth Spokesman James Carver MEP has condemned the continuing moral injustice against Chagos islanders.

The Supreme Court today has ruled against the Chagossian people's desire to resettle in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Families left the Chagos islands in the 1960s and 70s to make way for a US Air Force base on Diego Garcia, the largest of the group of islands. The Supreme Court has upheld a 2008 House of Lords ruling that the exiles cannot return.

Following that verdict, James Carver MEP for the West Midlands and UKIP’s Commonwealth spokesman, stated; "I'm dismayed by the ruling. This moral injustice continues to be a stain on our history.

"The 2015 government report, shows the Chagossians' return is entirely feasible. I believe this was reflected in the Supreme Court's narrow 3:2 majority in reaching their verdict today.

"Following last week's referendum when the British electorate voted to regain our own sovereignty, I can think of no better first act for an independent UK, than to allow the exiled Chagossians the opportunity to return to their homeland, should they so desire."

"I continue to offer my wholehearted support to our Chagossian community."

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