James Carver MEP hits out over a government propaganda “blitz” about the forthcoming EU referendum

Published May 03, 2016

James_Carver.jpegUKIP West Midlands MEP James Carver has hit out over a government propaganda “blitz” about the forthcoming EU referendum.

“Not content with spending £9 million of taxpayers money on leaflets, arguing for Britain to remain in the EU, and having them delivered to every household in the land, they are using government websites for the same end.

“Anyone who goes to the GOV.UK on-line pages for information is faced with a banner advert announcing that there is to be an EU referendum and pointing out how to register to vote,” said Mr Carver.

“I am all in favour of everyone exercising their right to vote but the government should not be abusing their powers by trying to influence the outcome of this referendum.

“Someone going on line to renew their car tax or get benefit information, for example, immediately comes across the advert which links to the government’s reasons for staying in and a video of the Prime Minister’s statement about his alleged EU deal,” said Mr Carver.

“I have no doubt that if the Labour Party was in favour of leaving the EU they would have kicked up a stink about this abuse of power but of course it actually works in their favour.

“Leaving the EU is the wise choice for June 23 and people should take the time to find out the reasons why groups, such UKIP and Vote Leave, believe this. They should not fall hook, line and sinker for this government propaganda blitz,” he added.

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